Stanford University, Department of Art & Art History, Sep 2018 - Present

International Documentary (MFA); Non-fiction Film Production (MFA)

San Francisco State University, School of Cinema, Aug 2017 - Present

Production Practice I (MFA); Digital Cinematography

Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill, CA, Jan 2016 – Dec 2017

American Ethnic Cultures in Film; American Cinema 1950-present

Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), San Francisco, CA, March 2015 - 2017

Lighting for Video; Aesthetics of Editing

Art Institute of California, San Francisco, CA, Sep 2012 – April 2015

Fundamentals of Video Production; Lighting for Digital Film


International Documentary (MFA) - This course is a survey of documentary film movements, approaches and trends over the course of film history in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia. Through weekly screenings, lectures, film clips and discussions students learn about historical, aesthetic, and formal developments of documentary form.

Production Practice I (MFA) - This is a first year graduate production course with an emphasis on the art and craft of cinematography. Students learn to work with 16mm film and digital cameras, as well as studio lighting. Through lectures and hands-on projects, students learn film and digital workflows, and develop visual storytelling skills in preparation of shooting their first short films. Cameras used: Bolex, Arri SR I & II, Canon C300.

Digital Cinematography - This is an upper level production course. Students learn creative and technical aspects of cinematography with a focus on digital technology. They study principles of visual storytelling and work hands-on with digital cameras, prime lenses, studio lighting equipment and dolly tracks. Through a series of in-class exercises and group projects, students practice working as crew members on a narrative production set. Cameras used: Canon C100 and C300.

American Ethnic Cultures in Film - This course explores how underrepresented American ethnic cultures are depicted in feature films. Through lectures, film clips, screenings, discussions and readings, students learn about issues specific to the world of cinema - including how film language communicates ideas, as well as how ideology and values are reflected in individual films. They consider cultural contexts in which the films emerged and what they tell us about the times in which they were made.

American Cinema 1950-present - This course provides an overview of American cinema from the 1950s onward. Through lectures, screenings, readings and discussions, students learn about the role of cinema in the American cultural landscape.

Fundamentals of Video Production - In this course students focus on creative and technical aspects of video production. Through lectures, hands-on demos and group projects they learn camera, sound, lighting and editing techniques. Emphasis is placed on proper use of camera and sound equipment, as well as use of Adobe Premiere editing software.

Lighting for Digital Film - In this course students study the art and technique of studio lighting for digital film. Through lectures and film clips students learn to observe lighting and develop their creative instincts. Throughout the course students work hands-on with various lighting and grip equipment in a professional studio environment.